What Would Our World Look Like

Lately, I’ve been wondering.

“What would our world look like?”

If we showed each other grace, compassion, and understanding.

Instead of judging one another?

I’ve noticed as a mom to young kids. There’s so many expectations of moms.

A clean house.

A child that’s neatly dressed for school and church.

Home cooked meals.

And playtime with them as well.

And then add in the working moms. The moms who don’t have help. The ones who are expected to stay up throughout the night with their kids.

And then get up to tackle the day, as if sleep wasn’t needed.

What would our world look like?

If instead of judging a mom with young kids for having a messier house or a sink filled with dishes.

We said, “How can I help you?”

Or, “Would it be ok if I helped you with your dishes? I know you’re busy with the little ones.”

How would our society progress?

If we didn’t judge a family for not being perfect.

If when we asked someone, “How are you doing?”

People actually cared enough to listen.

Or made time to listen.

If someone said something other than, “I’m doing fine.”

If, “How are you doing?” was a question we truly wanted to know the answer to.

And not just asked out of politeness.

If someone was met with patience and acceptance. When they shared their struggles.

So one day they could share their joys.

Would therapy be needed to the extent that it is?

Would suicide rates be lower?

Would people feel less of a burden?

If we stopped to truly care.

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