What if you embraced every aspect of yourself?

Today, I had a transformative encounter with someone who posed a simple yet profound question: “What if you embraced every aspect of yourself?” That resonated deeply with me—the quirky parts, the ones that never quite fit into the conventional mold. I’ve always felt like the neurodivergent girl, the one who didn’t always catch certain jokes but laughed along anyway, simply because the world did. From a young age, I found myself on the outskirts, struggling to grasp social cues and often crossing boundaries unintentionally. I was labeled as weird, the odd one out who never quite fit in.

But despite these challenges, I’ve forged my own path. As an adult, I founded my own business, defying the odds. Even though I sometimes stumble over small talk and struggle to find my place in crowded conversations, I’ve made it. And not only that—I’ve thrived. I’ve become a therapist, guiding others like me through the maze of social anxiety and self-acceptance. I teach them to embrace their uniqueness, to recognize that they are more than enough in a world that constantly tells them otherwise.

Neurodivergence is not a flaw; it’s a gift—a wellspring of passion and creativity that sets us apart. I belong in this world, despite what others may say. I’ve learned to eschew conformity, opting instead to express myself authentically, boldly, and unapologetically. Whether it’s my penchant for unconventional fashion or my unbridled enthusiasm for niche topics, I refuse to dull my shine to fit someone else’s standards.

So here I am, proudly proclaiming my identity as a neurodivergent therapist. If you’re in Kansas City and seeking a therapist who understands, who truly gets it, then look no further. Book a session with me, Eriko Her. I approach therapy from a place of strength, helping you realize just how incredible you are. Let’s silence the voices that tell you otherwise and ignite the flames of your potential. You are more than enough. You belong. And together, we’ll make your light shine brighter than ever before. Welcome to the journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Welcome to the new you.

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