The Importance of Quality Time With Your Little Ones

“Unpause me.”

My four year old mumbled to me.

It was a new concept she picked up this school year.

Anytime someone spoke over her, we had to, “unpause,” her.

Or she couldn’t speak.


I know.

But it mattered to her. And so it mattered to us.

Because that’s how a bond is formed in a parent-child relationship. Taking interest in the subjects that matter to our children.

Regardless of how insignificant they might appear to us. Showing interest in the little details of their lives.

Playing make believe with them.

Pretending that you can’t see them when they’re just standing behind the curtain.

It’s how your relationship with your child is formed and strengthened throughout the years.

It shows that you care about them. That you’re a constant in their life.

You’ll be there for them through the big stuff like when they scrape their knee learning to ride a bike.

Or when they need someone to play with. So you blow bubbles with them while having a tea party on your front lawn.

Those moments matter.

They reassure your child that when they’re older you’ll be there for them.

To listen to the big stuff. Like when they have arguments with their friends or their significant other.

Or if they encounter a situation that’s not safe.

Being touched inappropriately.

They’ll be more likely to talk to you about it.

Because they know that you care for them.

That not only will you make sure their needs are met. That you’ll ensure they’re safe as well. And you’ll validate the horror of what they experienced.

So spend some time with your children.

It could be as simple as watching their favorite T.V. show with them. And then asking them questions about the story line or the characters.

Ask them how their day was when they get home from school.

“What did they enjoy about school?”

“What was challenging for them?”

Listen to them. Show an interest in their hobbies. Even if it’s just drawing with them. So that you can build the healthy framework for the relationship you desire with them in the future.

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