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In Honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Month

May 13, 2023

A video that I created in honor of my heritage. Because inclusion matters! Did you know that about 50 percent of minorities stop seeking mental health services. Due to the disparity they might feel in treatment. It’s difficult to discuss challenges you experience with a clinician that you might perceive to be different from you.…

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Why Asian American and Pacific Islander Month Matters

May 5, 2023

Throughout my teenage years, peers from my predominantly Caucasian high school would ask, “Why do we need a month to celebrate African American history?” And now as an adult in my late thirties I’m asked about Asian American and Pacific Islander month. Deep down I want to believe like so many might choose too, that…

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The Importance of Quality Time With Your Little Ones

February 15, 2023

“Unpause me.” My four year old mumbled to me. It was a new concept she picked up this school year. Anytime someone spoke over her, we had to, “unpause,” her. Or she couldn’t speak. Silly. I know. But it mattered to her. And so it mattered to us. Because that’s how a bond is formed…

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Where’s My Village

January 16, 2023

Growing up, I watched as my mother bounced us from relative’s house to relative’s house. So she could pursue her education and live out the extent of the American dream. Now as an adult, a mom, and a woman pursuing her career as a temporary licensed professional counselor, I often wonder. “Where’s my village?” Because…

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Life With In-laws

October 19, 2022

When I was single I used to hear all this gossip about other people’s wives. And I’d hear these statements about my close relatives’ wives as well. It didn’t matter if one was being abused. I’d still hear, “It’s her fault he hits her.” I still remember the shock that entered my body when I…

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Words Matter

October 17, 2022

There’s this common misconception in our society and others that words don’t matter. Hence the saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones. But words shall never hurt me.” However, research over the years has proven otherwise. Being overly critical of someone can cause someone to develop feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness. In fact, studies…

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The Difference Between Emotional Abuse and Conflict

October 15, 2022

According to Koza (2017), there’s a difference between emotional abuse and conflict. Conflict occurs in any relationship (friendships, family, romantic, and even work relationships). Conflict provides both parties the opportunity to discuss the issue, share their emotions, and talk through whatever the problem is (Koza, 2017). Then work towards a resolution together. Emotional abuse takes…

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The Importance of Boundaries

October 14, 2022

Someone told me the other day I didn’t need to be angry. They then went on to state, that my anger was most likely due to my past. And not because of how they and/or others were treating me in the present moment. According to, The Wellness Center (2022), boundaries are set to identify what…

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Anger is not Toxic.

October 14, 2022

I often hear the phrase, “Don’t be mad.” As if anger is a bad or toxic emotion to have. But the truth is, anger is not a bad emotion. It is the behavioral choices people choose to make because of their anger that makes it bad or good. There’s actually a part of the human…

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