A Letter To The Outcast

To the person who never feels like they are enough!

Yesterday, I connected with individuals from so many different backgrounds, communities, and organizations. Accomplishing dreams and reaching goals I didn’t even know was possible!!

From the owner of the women’s football team, the Kansas City Glory. M

To the woman who was a sports reporter for Fox Sports in Washington D.C. but also a mom to two children (a teen and preteen).

To the coach at a University in Missouri trying to get more information on how to help his athletes with their mental health.

And the woman who used her trauma to create a podcast. So she could give a voice to other women to not feel alone.

The NFL moms and aunties. The aunties who said, “They were just an auntie.”

Not realizing that as an auntie, they were just as important!

Because they were a part of this man’s support team! The one who will encourage him when he hits roadblocks and stand beside him when he excels in his position!

Just as important.

Just as impactful.

To my outcasts.

And my people who’ve ever sat at a table and felt they didn’t belong.

Because they were looked down on for having goals and dreams that didn’t align with others at their table.

To the individuals who were treated as a competitor in this game of life.

Instead of being shown that this world is big enough for everyone to succeed.

Switch tables.

Change your scenery to a view that will empower you.

One in which you’ll be encouraged to shine!

And taught the ways in which you can overcome your current obstacles. Surround yourself with believers who stand beside you when you’re there. And who speak of your ability and your strengths when your back is turned as well.

To my outcasts! Who feel like you’re not enough!

You are more than you could ever imagine.

You just haven’t met your people yet. The ones who will push you beyond your own potential! Because you matter!

So change tables. Take that step. And move forward. Connect with others who believe in you. Even though it’s scary. Because fear can either be our enemy or it can lead us to our greatest achievements. Just like failure!

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